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Active travel

Active travel, including travel to and from nursery, school, shops, appointments etc. offers both children and families an opportunity to incorporate regular moderate activity into the daily routine. Walking and cycling as a form of travel can help in the achievement of recommended levels of physical activity.

Active travel can be supported by many sectors within the early years workforce, including education and the voluntary sector, and is increasingly an important policy consideration for Government. Encouraging private sector employers and initiatives to embrace the principles of active travel can also positively impact support to families.

Not far? Leave the car is a  national campaign has been launched to encourage people across Scotland to consider walking or cycling instead of taking short car journeys.

The campaign carries the message ‘Not far? Leave the car’ and aims to highlight that making active travel choices for short journeys, rather than using the car, can make the environment cleaner and greener, improving people’s health and wellbeing.