Antenatal education

Antenatal education including childbirth education programmes, parenthood education, prenatal and antenatal classes, and a range of other prenatal and antenatal groups are aimed at reducing the complications of pregnancy and promoting the health and wellbeing of mother and chilld. Developing evidence has highlighted the psychological and biologically driven processes that both men and women face during the transition to parenthood, and importance of pregnancy and the immediate postnatal period in the health of the baby and reducing social and health inequalities.

Emerging knowledge regarding the importance of bonding, attachment and parenting has led to research examining the current content of antenatal education and an assessment of the evidence underpinning practice. This will contribute to recommendations for development.

NHS Education for Scotland (NES), NHS Health Scotland, and NHS Health Improvement Scotland (NHS HIS) have developed a parent education programme for NHS Scotland. This aims to support professionals to deliver a consistent, evidence based parenting information to all pregnant women and their partners. 

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