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Baby, I Love You - Free baby book still available to give to new parents

Baby, I Love You is a very special baby book for new mums, dads and babies in Scotland. 

The book is a gift from Unicef, with love, to every baby born in Scotland between the Glasgow 2014 Commonwealth Games and the 2018 Games in Australia's Gold Coast.

The words of the book work to the tune of Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star and a recording of the song by Scottish singer Mairi Campbell is available. Unicef Ambassador Ewan McGregor has also recorded a reading of the book!

There are also recordings of the book available in Polish, Urdu and Mandarin.

The book comes wrapped like a gift, and is given to new families by their health visitor or family nurse at the first home visit. Health visitors and family nurses can order the book through the standard route for all universal child health information within their health board.

The book compliments Unicef’s existing Baby Friendly Initiative work across Scotland. It helps to build loving and nurturing relationships between new parents and their baby, which are crucially important to the well-being of children.

Baby, I Love You contains words and pictures designed to encourage parents to follow their nurturing instincts, including having lots of skin contact, stroking, looking into baby’s eyes, keeping baby close day and night and responding to baby’s cues.

Evidence indicates that when babies are held, smiled at and talked to by their parents, oxytocin is triggered, which helps a baby’s brain to develop. Plenty of skin contact between the mother and baby is also known to calm baby, regulate his or her heartbeat, encourage bonding and support breastfeeding. A baby cannot be spoiled by love.

Health visitors and family nurses play a vital role in helping new mums and dads to understand the importance of building loving and nurturing relationships with their new babies, and how to go about building those relationships. This is why Unicef chose health visitors and family nurses to gift the book. Their role is crucial to the book’s success in helping to give babies the best possible start in life. 

Baby, I Love You was made possible by Unicef’s ground-breaking partnership with the Glasgow 2014 Commonwealth Games. Through the partnership, Unicef is aiming to reach every child in Scotland between the 2014 Games and the 2018 Games in Australia. This lovely little book is one of the ways Unicef will do that.

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