Delivering a Healthy Future: An action framework for children and young people in Scotland

This framework sets out a structured programme of actions, drawn primarily from existing policy initiatives and commitments, to improve services for children and young people in Scotland.

The delivery of the Action Framework presents a major challenge. To support the delivery process, the Action Framework includes progress measures for each element of the programme which will act as markers of change and improvement and will allow progress to be monitored and managed over time. The ultimate outcome must be a pattern of support, intervention and service delivery that meets the needs of current and future generations of children and young people in ways that are:

  • targeted to the health challenges of the 21st century
  • based on the best available evidence
  • designed to protect and promote health as well as treating disease
  • capable of addressing the needs of children who may be vulnerable or at risk 
  • centred on children, young people and their families 
  • delivered consistently and equitably throughout the country
  • fully integrated with the wide-ranging and cross-sector actions needed to create health in body, mind and behaviour

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