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Getting It Right For Every Child (GIRFEC) Information & Communications Toolkit

The Scottish Government have developed a GIRFEC Information and Communications Toolkit as part of their commitment to support and equip partners and front line practitioners with the necessary training, guidance and information tools to aid learning and support engagement with children, young people and parents in relation to GIRFEC and the duties as set out in the Act.

The information and toolkit can be downloaded from the GIRFEC Knowledge Hub group.  Please note to access this information, you need be to registered with the Knowledge Hub

The Toolkit comprises of a range of materials and the contents are outlined below for easy reference.  For .eps files of any of the artwork assets please contact the Scottish Government.

Information texts:

  • Key messages
  • Getting it right for every child
  • Understanding wellbeing
  • Named Person
  • Child’s Plan



  • newsletter copy - 50,100,200wd
  • example opinion piece
  • example statement of support


  • Case studies


  • Ryan's story
  • Introduction to GIRFEC (ani.)        


  • PowerPoint template



  • Getting it right for every child
  • Understanding wellbeing
  • Named Person
  • Child’s Plan




  • Guide
  • GIRFEC logo
  • Artwork assets
  • GIRFEC Diagrams



  • GIRFEC Knowledge Hub
  • Social media
  • Banners – Facebook, Twitter and profile (various sizes)

Alternative language formats and easy read guides

Information on alternative language formats and easy read guides will be provided in the near future.

Event Pack

No formal Event Pack has been developed, however, a number of the tools provided in the Toolkit will assist you in delivering GIRFEC events.  For example

  • new leaflets
  • new GIRFEC animated film,
  • written case studies (your own using the guide provided) or using any of the case studies available on
  • branded PowerPoint template to create your own presentation.


An updated FAQ collating common questions and the answers that will address the majority of questions both practitioners and the public have about GIRFEC will be provided in the near future.