How the Scottish antenatal parent education pack works

The Core syllabus gives the information on the key learning outcomes for parent education. Together with the evidence, this delivers a comprehensive picture of what messages should be delivered and why. A copy of the Core syllabus has been distributed to all parent education midwife managers.

The Resource manual and teaching aids give suggestions for resources and how to use them within parent education. Intended to provide professionals who deliver parent education with the resources to deliver the Core syllabus, the Resource manual and teaching aids have been provided for each local site delivering parent education in the NHS Board.

The training course takes two days to complete. Preparation includes pre-course work, which is outlined in the Training course workbook. Evaluation is through assessed facilitation sessions. Participants develop skills in listening and communicating, facilitating and using learning aids. The course gives participants the knowledge and skills to implement parent education sessions in line with the national standard.

After the course, the participants are expected to return to their health board area and use the Resource manual and teaching aids to deliver parent educating sessions which reflect the content of the Core syllabus. Ongoing support will be provided and progress monitored through evaluation.

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