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NHS Health Scotland’s updated smoking and pregnancy resource: I-QUIT


Even though the number of women who were smokers at the time of their booking appointment has fallen, it is still a high level especially in light of the health risks for the mother and unborn baby and also strongly linked to inequalities. 29.8% of pregnant women in the most deprived SIMD quintile are smokers at booking, compared to 6.0% in the least deprived SIMD quintile. 

As part of routine antenatal care, all pregnant women have a carbon monoxide (CO) monitoring test at their first booking appointment. The new resource has been designed specifically for use with pregnant women identified as smoking at booking (as measured by CO monitoring) and this new resource will replace Health Scotland’s previous resource ‘Fresh Start’.

Target audience

The target audience is pregnant young women who are smoking, from the most deprived areas, and the majority of whom, are usually under the age of 25. They also tend to have low self-esteem, lower literacy levels and possibly a history of other addictions. Stress and boredom are common concerns and they worry about wider issues and problems other than their health e.g. social, poverty, housing etc.

New resource I-QUIT

The new resource has been designed to appeal to the above target audience and has been developed in close partnership with practitioners who work with pregnant women trying to give up smoking. The resource has been pre-tested with the target audience and their comments and suggestions have been incorporated into the final version.

The resource is available for NHS Boards to order and is also available on the Health Scotland website