play@home and parenting - 0-3 physical activity

play@home provides ideas around physical activities but as a book-based resource it also promotes the importance of reading to and with children from birth.

Listening to stories develops communication skills and clearly links the play@home programme with Bookbugs, the Scottish National Literacy programme.

Key messages

  • play@home provides parents with free information and guidance to help them in the early days of parenting, promoting physical activity and building positive emotional bonds through play.
  • play@home Baby Book is now available to every new baby in Scotland, given by a health visitor
  • those Babies will then receive a play@home Toddler Book at one year from their health visitor and a play@home Pre-school Book at three years from their school nursery or partner centre, subject to continued funding
  • local play@home trainers are able to support practitioners across Scotland in promoting the aims of play@home
  • play@home is a simple to follow guide to a beneficial, suitable and safe activity programme for children from birth to five

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