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In 2016 the Equality and Human Rights Commission/Department for Business, Innovation and Skills research published findings which showed that young women are more likely to suffer from pregnancy and maternity related discrimination in the workplace:

  • 10% of mothers under 25 reported they left their employers as a result of risks not being resolved vs a 4% average.
  • 25% of mothers who were under 25 reported experiencing a negative impact on their health and stress levels vs a 15% average.
  • 15% of mothers under 25 were discouraged from attending antenatal appointments vs a 10% average.

The full research findings are available on the Equality and Human Rights website.

In response to this, the EHRC is launching a new online campaign to empower young expectant and new mothers to know their rights at work enabling them to stand up against discrimination. This includes supporting women to have early conversations with employers and therefore early resolution to avoidable pregnancy and maternity issues.

#PowertotheBump is a positive, light hearted campaign with a serious underlying message, encouraging women to all give ‘power to the bump’ during their pregnancy to make sure their health comes first during this important time. The campaign has been developed with input from young mothers and groups who represent mothers and features a new video starring the mum vloggers Katie Ellison, Jess Avery, Charlotte Louise Taylor and Emily Norris who share the campaign’s top tips for young mothers to ensure they’re looked after at work during pregnancy whilst also talking about their own experiences.  

For further information, including a programme of widespread digital activity, twitter chats with parenting groups and an online quiz for mums to promote the help and advice available for young mothers can be found on the #PowertotheBump web pages.