Summary of rates of breastfeeding in Scotland

In 2010, a total of 47.1% of mothers were breastfeeding at around ten days. This comprises 35.2% of mothers who were exclusively breastfeeding and 11.9% who fed their babies both breast milk and formula milk (mixed feeding). This compares with a breastfeeding rate in 2007 of 44.5% (37.5% of mothers exclusively breastfeeding and 7.0% mixed feeding).

At the 6-8 week review, the overall breastfeeding rate was 36.5%. A total of 26.2% of mothers were exclusively breastfeeding and 10.3% were mixed breast and formula feeding. In 2007, the breastfeeding rate was 35.6% (26.0% exclusive breastfeeding and 9.6% mixed feeding).

The overall breastfeeding rate and exclusive breastfeeding rate have remained relatively stable since 2001.

Breastfeeding rates also vary by geographical area. For information on breastfeeding rates by geographical area see Information Services Division Scotland.

For more information on infant feeding in Scotland see section 2 of the Infant Feeding Survey 2005: A commentary on infant feeding practices in the UK.

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