Supporting transitions

It has always been recognised that pre-school into primary transitions are critical times of change for children, parents and practitioners – which are full of opportunity and potential. However, with the introduction of Curriculum for Excellence, there is a need for re-examination of the challenges and innovative approaches required to ensure that all children have meaningful and progressive learning experiences across the sectors and within the early level.

Transitions have been identified as a key current policy priority by the Scottish Government and other stakeholders. This is highlighted throughout Curriculum for Excellence, The Early Years Framework and Getting It Right For Every Child.

Key messages for practitioners relating to transitions include:

  • The need to consider transitions into the early level, during and across the early level and moving from the early level.
  • When supported sensitively, transitions are a time where children further develop emotional and social skills.
  • As the early level spans pre-school and P1, new opportunities are created to enhance effective transitions. The further development of active learning strategies means more continuity for children in relation to learning styles and environments.

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