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the 27 - 30 month review

The 27-30 month review should be offered to all children, regardless of their circumstances. The check is underpinned by the Getting it Right for Every Child principles to ensure a holisticapproach to support the child and their family

The overall priorities of the review should be the promotion of strong early child development (particularly social/emotional and language/cognitive development) within a context of helpful parenting and wider family wellbeing, and the promotion of child healthy weight.  

There is a national minimum dataset which will allow robust monitoring of delivery of the 27-30 month review and of young children's health and development.

The review should be face-to-face with the child present. Provision of the review should be in line with asset-based approaches to health promotion.

The guidance provides the core issues that should be considered for all children attending 27-30 month reviews.