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The Personal Child Health Record (Red Book)

The Personal Child Health Record (commonly referred to as the Red Book) was standardised in 2009 and now in use across Scotland. The standardised Red Book is to be used for all children born on or after 1st January 2010 and includes the new World Health Organization Growth Charts, which were implemented from the same date. The standardised Red Book ensures ease of use across all healthcare settings and is distributed by the health visitor or midwife after the birth of a child (on or around the tenth day after birth).

The Red Book is the record of a child’s health and development from the earliest days throughout childhood. The standardised book was developed (following HALL 4) to encourage the partnership between early years practitioners and parents, and to empower parents to oversee their child's development and care.

In addition to health practitioners and parents, the Red Book should be used by anyone involved in a child’s care. Nursery and school staff, childminders and others who work with young children should be aware of the developmental checklists in the Red Book and can refer parents with questions regarding child development to it.