The Prebirth Resource Allocation Meeting (PRAM), Angus

The Prebirth Resource Allocation Meeting (PRAM ) was established in 2006 under the auspice of the Angus Child Protection Committee. Its function is to consider the needs of vulnerable expectant mothers and their babies before and after birth, and to consider potential risk of harm to the infant. This enables supports to be identified at an early stage before the baby is born, in proportion to the needs of the child and mother. The group meets monthly, adopts a multi–agency approach and is convened by social work services as the lead agency.

Agencies represented at PRAM include:

  • Angus Council social work and health
  • child protection
  • children's care and assessment teams
  • family support teams
  • NHS Tayside - midwifery
  • advanced nurse child protection
  • senior health visitor
  • drug, alcohol and blood borne virus service
  • Tayside substance misuse service
  • mental health service
  • learning disabilities
  • Tayside police family protection unit
  • Angus housing
  • criminal justice
  • voluntary organisations
  • web project.

Referrals can be made from any agency via their PRAM representative. Parental consent for information sharing is obtained by the referrer prior before the referral is made.

Criteria for referral include:

  • factors in mothers background
  • the identification of vulnerability factors indicating that a child's safety or welfare is at risk
  • mother and or infant's situation would benefit from a multi-agency approach.

New referrals are circulated to PRAM members two weeks before meetings and it is the responsibility of each representative to gather relevant information to share at the meeting. Once all the information has been considered, the case will be allocated to the appropriate service for assessment of need or risk, with a time set for completion. Once assessment has been completed and a care plan put in place, each case is brought back to PRAM for further discussion and agreement.

In summary, PRAM is a multi-agency meeting to share information about mothers and infants in need of extra support, agree whether further assessment is required and if so what level of assessment.   Once this has been established, the group agrees on which is the best agency to do this.

Once an assessment is complete a care plan is put in place for the mother and baby, proportionate to the needs and risks identified. In the vast majority of cases this is completed before the baby is born and is done with the co-operation of the family.

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