Early years policy context

The Scottish Government has published a series of policies that both directly and indirectly impact on the early years agenda. With a widespread and diverse workforce across a broad range of sectors and organisations it is essential that members of the workforce are aware of and understand the principles that support the agenda across different settings.

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    Asset based approaches to health improvement

    NHS Health Scotland has produced a briefing paper which explains what is meant by asset-based approaches and summarises what is already known about their potential for improving health.

    • When was this published? 4/15/2013
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    Children in Scotland Early Years briefings and reports

    Children in Scotland has produced several briefings on Early Childhood Education and Care and the urgent need to invest and transform provision for families and young children. They include: What the Government's Programme for Scotland means for children, young people and their families

    • When was this published? 6/15/2012
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    Evidence briefing: Child Poverty

    This briefing by NHS Health Scotland is one of an occasional series which explore topics of current interest and provides an introduction to concepts and current thinking. It explores child poverty and its relationship to health and wellbeing.

    • When was this published? 4/15/2013
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    Evidence Summary: Public health interventions to prevent unintentional injuries among the under 15s

    This evidence summary, by NHS Health Scotland presents a summary of highly processed evidence related to public health interventions to prevent unintentional among children and young people aged less than 15 years.

    • When was this published? 4/15/2013
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    Health inequalities briefings for Community Planning Partnerships

    NHS Health Scotland has produced a suite of briefings designed to support Community Planning Partnerships take action to reduce or mitigate the impact of inequalities on health.

    • When was this published? 4/10/2013
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    Inequalities in health outcomes and how they might be addressed

    The paper was commissioned by the co-chairs of the Children’s Health Outcomes Strategy Forum from Maggie Atkinson, Children’s Commissioner for England. It explores what is known about health inequalities and inequalities in health outcomes and what is known to close the gap.

    • When was this published? 1/25/2013
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    Joining the dots: A better start for Scotland's children

    An independent report by Professor Susan Deacon, this report looks at children’s Early Years in Scotland and what can be done to improve them in this financial climate.

    • When was this published? 4/14/2011

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