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Towards a Mentally Flourishing Scotland (TAMFS)

Towards a Mentally Flourishing Scotland (TAMFS) was the policy and action plan towards mental health improvement in Scotland from 2009-2011. It identified six strategic priorities, the first of which is Mentally Healthy Infants, Children and Young People. TAMFS highlighted the importance of the early years in determining mental health for life, in particular the importance of resilience in early years development.

TAMFS defined a mentally healthy child as one with a clear sense of identity and self-worth; the ability to recognise and manage emotions; to learn, play, enjoy friendships and relationships; and to deal with difficulties. The contribution of both pregnancy and parenting to this is emphasised.

TAMFS linked closely to the priorities within The Early Years Framework which include:

  • Promoting positive mental health through a social marketing campaign which promotes the value of parenting and parenting skills
  • Moving to a parenting model of antenatal and postnatal support that will promote parenting skills and attachment
  • Building the capacity of universal services to meet additional needs through mental health training for frontline professionals
  • Including skills that promote positive mental health within the planned review of training and continuing professional development needs for early years workers
  • Supporting relationships between parents and children as part of the work proposed on workforce values


Desired outcomes of the action plan included:

  • Increased mental wellbeing among infants children and young people
  • Reduced prevalence of mental health problems among infants children and young people
  • Improved quality of life among infants children and young people experiencing mental health problems